• 2023 Year of the Rabbit free amigurumi pattern!

    2023 Year of the Rabbit free amigurumi pattern!

    The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Lunar/Chinese zodiac. Well, most of 2023 is, if you’re born before January 22nd this year you’re still a Tiger! For this year’s celebration, I designed a little bunny friend you can make! Level: beginner-intermediate You’ll need:– Yarn and a hook, I used DK acrylic…

  • Bear Details (free pattern update)

    Bear Details (free pattern update)

    If you’ve been wanting to turn your ZooDoo doll into a bear, here’s a free pattern update for all of you! This pattern update works with my Punk ZooDoo Doll crochet pattern (available HERE). You’re free to use the bear ears and tail for any project, but they were written to be used for this…

  • Free Compliment Card download!

    I was out with my father to grab some sushi for my birthday. As I was walking back to the train station after our lunch date, sipping on my bubble tea, I noticed I was surrounded by so many gorgeous, interesting, unique-looking people! Teens with messy purple hair and patches of pride flags I didn’t…

  • The Pearfect Pear

    The Pearfect Pear

    Make your own little pear pair with this adorable crochet pattern! Download the free pattern below:

  • Chip the Star: free pattern

    Chip the Star: free pattern

    You can download the free Chip the Star pattern below! Feel free to tag me when you post it on Instagram @gnarwhalcrochet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alien Forked Tail: a free add-on for the voodoo doll pattern

    Alien Forked Tail: a free add-on for the voodoo doll pattern

    Here’s a free add-on for a cute alien tail with 2 ends! It was made to fit the voodoo doll pattern, but you can use it for anything! You’ll need: Yarn & Colors Epic in green (or similar yarn) 3mm crochet hook Scissors & wool needle A little cloud of stuffing Optional: a pipe cleaner…

  • Free pattern: Wimzy the cat

    Free pattern: Wimzy the cat

    This is Wimzy the cat! He was actually one of my very, very first patterns I designed when Iโ€™d just started crocheting. I know heโ€™s a bit broad-shouldered, but his tender look and squishy face make up for that. You need: – 3mm crochet hook – yarn needle – stuffing – roughly half a skein…

  • Fantasy Fest 2020

    Meowdy! This weekend, I had my very first convention of 2020. Fantasy Fest Rijswijk is a wonderful, modestly-sized convention mainly focusing on the magical aspect of life. If you’re thinking of witches and dragons right now, you’re on the right track. Knights, wizards, ladies in gorgeous, detailed steampunk dresses, and one beautiful moon fairy –…

  • Tiny Bee (free pattern)

    Tiny Bee (free pattern)

    Today I will show you how to make an adorable little bee for yourself! This bee is great as a mini plushie or a keychain. You’ll need:– 3mm crochet hook– Yarn in yellow, brown, and white– Embroidery floss (or yarn) in black– 5mm safety eyes– Wool needle– Optional: jump ring, lobster clasp lanyard, and pliers…

  • Tiny Pineapple (free pattern)

    Tiny Pineapple (free pattern)

    Hi everyone! Today I’ll be showing you how to make this adorable tiny pineapple. This is a beginner-friendly pattern and will make a great decoration for summer parties. Why did I design it in November? To fight off my seasonal depression, of course! What will you need?– Yarn & Colors Epic in Mustard and Apple–…