Bubble heart hair clip (free pattern)

With this simple pattern, you can make adorable bubble hearts. I also show you how I attach them to a hair clip, so you can create your very own hair accessoires!


– 2,5mm hook
– Stylecraft Special DK, you won’t need much
– a little bit of stuffing
– (optional) a hair clip

– magic ring (mr) or chain 2 and work in 2nd chain from hook
– single crochet (sc)
– increase (inc)
– decrease (dec)

1: start with 6sc in a magic ring (6)
2: (sc1, inc1) x3 (9)
3: sc around (9)
Finish off. Now repeat this part a second time, but don’t finish off. You now have 2 “bumps”, one finished off and one still on your hook!

4: attach the two parts by working in the first st from the finished “bump”. Sc around (9) and do the same with the second bump (9). You now have 2 attached bumps, and 18st. To help, I drew this crude illustration:

5: (sc4, dec1) x3 (15)
6: (sc3, dec1) x3 (12)
Stuff the heart.
7: (sc2, dec1) x3 (9)
8: (sc1, dec1) x3 (6)

Finish off and sew the gap shut.

If you wanna sew it on a hair clip, here’s a picture of how I did it! Just take some of the same yarn you made the heart with and go wild, lol. It helps to open the hair clip so your needle can actually go through.

I stitched around the clip 3 times on either side!

You’re free to sell items made with this pattern. Please don’t sell this pattern as your own. If you are feeling generous and liked this pattern, consider donating to my Ko-Fi so I can keep making patterns!






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