Cute Pumpkin (free pattern)

Hello all! It’s November, so I figured I’d post a late Halloween pattern I wrote up. I would’ve done this earlier but honestly the Seasonal Affective Disorder got the better of me. Anyways, I’ll be showing you how to make this adorable little pumpkin, and how you can alter this pattern to make it any size you want it to be!

Here he is with his little bunny friend!

This will mostly be an instruction and not a pattern per say. There’ll be LOADS of pictures!

You’ll need:
– Yarn & Colors Epic in orange (about 60yds) and green (just 2ish yds)
– End of black yarn for mouth
– 3mm crochet hook
– Darning needle
– 7mm safety eyes

You can use any yarn+size hook you’d like, as long as you make sure that no stuffing comes out or shows with the finished product.

To start:
Chain 21. Leave a long yarn tail at the start of your chain, you’ll be using this for assembly later.

Turn, sc in 2nd chain from hook, crochet 1sc in each chain (20). Chain 1, turn.

For the next 30 rows:
In BACK LOOP ONLY, sc1 in every st, chain 1, turn.

When you’re done, you’ll see that you have a ribbed piece of crochet, with the yarn tail on the same side at each end (see picture 2, upper corners). This is important.

Next, you’ll fold your piece in half lengthwise and slip stitch the 2 sides together, creating a tube. Cut your yarn and leave a long tail for sewing. Turn the tube inside-out so the slip stitches are on the inside.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but now you’ll be turning the nice tube into a nicer pumpkin. Thread your darning needle with one of the yarn ends. Using the picture below as a guide, sew through every rib on the inside of the pumpkin.

When you have sewn through every inside rib, pull your thread tight and watch how the hole closes up! For extra security or to shape it differently, you can add some extra stitches on the inside of the pumpkin.

Now you’ll add the face to the pumpkin. I put mine about halfway up the pumpkin, but feel free to experiment.

Now, you’ll sew the top of the pumpkin the same way as you did the bottom! Stuff it as you go along, not tightly but about 3/4th of maximum capacity. Otherwise you won’t be able to get it into shape.

Don’t finish off. Instead, sew the thread from the top to the bottom of the pumpkin and pull. Now it’ll start looking more like a pumpkin! Weave the thread from top to bottom and back a few times, pulling it tight every time. Finish off with a good double knot.

This is humiliating.

Grab your green yarn. Chain 6, start in 2nd chain from hook, sc back to the end (5sc). Finish off.

Pull the 2 yarn ends from the stem through the pumpkin’s body to the bottom and knot them together.

The green thing is the little stem knot.

Congrats, you’re finished!

You can make this pumpkin in any size you please. The ratio width to length is 2:3. In the pattern, the width is 20 stitches, the length is 30 stitches (not counting the first row, but that’s OK). This means that for every 2 stitches you add in width, you’ll have to add 3 in length.

20:30 (this one)
200:300 (if you make this one, send me a picture please.)

Adjust the length of the stem accordingly.

Happy hooking and happy autumn! <3






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