Free Compliment Card download!

I was out with my father to grab some sushi for my birthday. As I was walking back to the train station after our lunch date, sipping on my bubble tea, I noticed I was surrounded by so many gorgeous, interesting, unique-looking people! Teens with messy purple hair and patches of pride flags I didn’t even recognise on their coats. Girls with their hair in high pigtails, wearing neon coloured punk rock attire and heavy make-up. A random kid who was dressed head-to-toe in zebra print – dope!

I don’t have social anxiety, but I also don’t tend to walk up to people and strike up a conversation out of the blue too often. I wanted to compliment them, all of them, but I needed a tool. A compliment vessel, if you will. Something that would help me deliver compliments to cool people the way Cool Ranch Doritos are just there to help guacamole cross the bridge between the bowl and my mouth.

Anyways, I made these. I ordered 200 of them from some cheap print site, and now they’re free for all of you to use, too. The pics are below, and you can also download a higher resolution. Get them printed on a business card, or print them yourself, you really can’t go wrong with these. I even left you a space to add your own compliment!

Happy gifting!~







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