Crochet Patterns Bundle: Sweet Treat Amigurumi 8 patterns



This pattern book contains 8 crochet patterns to make your very own kawaii amigurumi food! This book is fully coloured and features very detailed instructions on how to create these adorable little foods, so you can make your very own sweet treats. These foods are life-size and will make great toys or decoration! I have included hand-drawn diagrams included alongside the patterns, so you can get a full grasp on the slightly more difficult details.

This book features 28 pages with pictures, diagrams, and detailed instructions. You can click to the third image to get an idea of what stitches and materials you need.

A print-friendly version is included. This version has no pictures and only the absolutely necessary details, so it will not drain your printer ink.

In this book, you will find crochet patterns for:
– Chocolate strawberry
– Marshmallow
– Dango
– Melonpan
– Donut
– Ice cream
– Wrapped candy
– Mochi

Dango, melonpan, and mochi are sweet treats from Japan!

The patterns are suitable for beginners and more advanced crocheters, and each pattern has a detailed list of stitches and notes on the first page to give you all the necessary information before you get started.

You may sell items made with these crochet patterns, but only as long as you credit me (Gnarwhal Crochet) on the label or in the item description.


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